Offshore Marina

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions: By booking a lodge room, vacation rental, guided trip, or boat, ATV, or equipment rental with us (Ticaboo Mgmt LLC and Offshore Marina Inc.), you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and additional terms and conditions set forth dependent on booking type, and you accept on behalf of yourself and all those named on the booking to withdraw all rights you may have and agree to follow our terms and conditions found on the company website and booking sites. If the agreed upon conditions set by the company are not followed, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and take legal action.

Payment Terms: Payment terms are set forth for each type of lodging accommodation, guided tour or equipment rental. Full payment or non-refundable deposits may be required dependent on time of year, booking in advance, or type of booking. Bookings and reservations of all types require acceptance of varying specific terms prior to booking or by booking, you are agreeing to the terms set forth.

Booking and Reservation Details: Receipts for bookings and deposits and payments are provided at the time of booking. All cancellations and modifications are determined by booking type (accommodation, equipment rental or guided tour). Refer to your pre-booking detail acceptance agreement for individual details for cancellation policies, limitations and fees and applicable deposits and non-refundable deposits.

Guest Individual Responsibility: When booking your lodging accommodation, equipment rental or guided tour with us, you acknowledge that you’ll be visiting places where the historical, cultural, and geographical attributes present certain risks, dangers, and challenges greater than those present in her or his daily life. You also acknowledge you are staying and recreating in a very remote, often inaccessible, high desert environment with extreme temperatures in summer and winter, sand, drop offs, cliffs, and a multitude of natural hazards. Proper insurance, and preparation is advised.

By booking, you are aware of the risks, and assume complete responsibility for your safety and well-being. Wherein you’re solely responsible for researching weather conditions, physical challenges, and laws in effect for each recreational activity you engage in. Guest must follow all local, state and Federal laws.

Cancellations By Guest: Cancellations vary by accommodation, or activity booked, as well as season and booking options and promotions. Please read and refer the pre-booking terms you agree on and accept for your booking type.

Changes of a reservation or booking by Guest: Any transfers or changes to any bookings or reservations are subject to availability, and original agreed upon pre-booking acceptance terms.

Claims and Grievances:

It is highly encouraged that any concern, that you want to address during your stay be done so immediately, so a remedy can be provided by our staff. Failure to indicate the anomalies will forfeit your right to file or claim compensation from us post departure and post use of services and equipment. Furthermore, all post use/stay grievances must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the stay or activities/rentals end date. Claims received after this period, will not be accepted.

Acceptance of Risk and Hold Harmless:

You hereby acknowledge that the nature of our environment is an extreme-high desert environment that may put you at risk and vulnerable to dangers both man made and natural. Therefore, you shall hereby assume all risks, and release the company for all claims and causes of action arising from any damages, death, or any severe injury.

With this notification, we are not liable in any way for the damage, death, dismemberment or injury caused while staying, renting or being guided with/by us, and withdraw all claims of insurance in regard to your well-being and safety, and hold Ticaboo Management LLC and it’s subsidiaries harmless.