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Bullfrog Marina, Lake Powell, and Offshore Marina Houseboat Storage and Services

Offshore Marina is your #1 choice for houseboat service and storage in the Bullfrog Marina area at Lake Powell. Whether you need maintenance, repair, storage or Turnaround service, Offshore Marina is simply the best choice for your Houseboat. We provide the best possible service available at Lake Powell. See why hundreds of houseboat groups choose Offshore Marina.

Secure dry dockstorage

Launch and retrieval service

Houseboat Turnaround services

Factory trained and authorized service technicians

Storage: short or long term solutions

Pontoon services: pressure testing, power washing, blasting
and painting

Welding and

Overland transportation service

Galley Services:
Let our food service department prepare your meals so you can relax on the lake.

Turnaround Service

Let us create more successful vacations for your ownership group by managing the transition between owners and taking care of regular houseboat maintenance. Arrive at the lake with a clean & fueled houseboat that’s stored atour facility. See why hundreds of vacationers choose our turnaround service to manage their Lake Powell Houseboat vacation each year. And why pay on-lake prices when you can get exceptional service and lower prices fromOffshore Marina (up to 40% lower than Bullfrog Marina)?

Clean and sanitize

Pump-out holding tanks, refill water tanks, and refuel with Chevron quality fuel (off-lake prices!)

Perform regular

Transportation: Launch and retrieval of your houseboat at Bullfrog Marina.

Storage and Self-Service

Have short or long-term storage needs? Offshore Marina has a secure yard dedicated to houseboat storage. We offer houseboat owners and owner groups’ access to clean and maintain houseboats, but back you up with our service staff should you need professional support.